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Articoli e materiali su affitti brevi, Airbnb, piattaforme digitali e emergenza coronavirus




Platform economy database (con articoli su covid) Eurofund Link
Airbnb & co.: gli affari giù dell’80% Corriere della Sera, 12 apr 2020 Link
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Homeowners Relying on Short-Term Rental Income Stung By Wave of Coronavirus Cancellations Washington Post, 6 apr 2020 Link
Short-term rentals may be faring better than hotels amid coronavirus, report shows Post and Courier, 27 apr 2020 Link
Coronavirus Is Speeding Up the Amazonification of the Planet Medium, 19 mar 2020 Link
Amazon was already powerful. The coronavirus pandemic cleared the way to dominance. Recode, 10 apr 2020 Link
How Mid-Term Stays May Rescue Short-Term Rentals AirDNA, 16 apr 2020 Link