Through the collection of various contributions coordinated by Maurizio Teli and Bassetti Chiara, this book engages in understanding the governance of the collaborative economy in Europe. With the aim of proposing a comprehensive approach able to highlight the processual, comparative, and narrative dimensions of the collaborative economy, the book helps the reader to address a variety of questions, such as: how do platforms re-articulate, describe, and implement power structures? Are they innovating in a way that is based on caring social relations or promoting exploitative practices? How are economic value, on the one hand, and social and cultural values, on the other hand, produced, circulated, and transformed by platform initiatives? How the production of goods and services, collaborative subjects, and collective narratives is legally, socially, and technically organized in platform initiatives? How existing institutions support, favour, or create obstacles to caring and/or exploitative platforms? Is it possible to identify and quantify potential economic, environmental, social and political impacts of collaborative economy platforms?
Maurizio Teli (ed.), Chiara Bassetti (ed.) (2021), “Becoming a Platform in Europe: On the Governance of the Collaborative Economy“, Boston-Delft: now publishers,